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Borewell Drillers from last 40 years 

We are one of the leading borewell service provider in Amravati  from last 40 years . We have the most advanced machineries which are highly efficient and our trained workforce is committed for quality borewell work.  Customer satisfaction is the key to succeed in borewell drilling business which can be achieved through continuous upgradation of borewell drilling technology which ensures long life of the borewells. 

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Our Services


New drilling technology

Amravati borewells 2

4.75" inches

Use : City - domestic Purpose

PVC Casing Size  : 5 Inches 

PVC pressure capacity : 6 kg/square cm

Amravati borewells 6

5.5 " inches

Use: City - Domestic Purpose

PVC Casing Size : 6 Inches 

PVC pressure capacity : 6 kg/square cm

Amravati borewells 4

6.5 " inches

Use: Domestic/Commercial


PVC casing Size:7 Inches

PVC Pressure : 6 kg/square cm

Amravati borewells 5

7.25 " inches

Use: Agricultural for deep irrigation 

PVC casing Size : 8 Inches  

PVC Pressure : 6 kg/square cm

MS pipe size 8 inches

Top Borewells in Amaravati which you can trust

Expert Team

Best Price

95% Referral Rate

Our Happy Customers

“Reputed and oldest borewell service providers, patiently clarify all doubts .”

Dipak Patil



+91 9822000866

+91 9822015559

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